Graphic Node respect your privacy.

Last updated: October 19, 2017

Any data we collect is strictly for improving products, user experience, and ensuring proper functionality of our products. By providing your information you agree to our collection and use of your provided information in accordance with our privacy policy. .

What information is collected?

Using our products and services results in generating a variety of aggregated non-personally identifiable information, such as device model and software versions, and names of downloads made within the app to determine popular content, trends, etc. This information is not shared with third parties.

Entering your email address within Graphic Node’s applications or in appropriate forms in Graphic Node’s website will be used to provide product and marketing information in the form of newsletters. Every newsletter contains links to unsubscribe, which also deletes the email address from our database. Email addresses are not shared with third parties.

Emailing Graphic Node in form of regular messages or support requests means that your email address will be used to respond to your messages or requests, and to track previous communication with Graphic Node to provide context to any repeated contacts with us. Email addresses and message contents are not shared with third parties.

Opting in to receive notifications within Graphic Node applications provides the device’s Unique Identifier to Amazon, who provide push notification services to our products. Graphic Node do not collect/use/share this information.

Graphic Node’s website uses Google Analytics to better understand users’ behavior in the website to improve and optimize its presentation. The collected information may include: device model, software version, country, pages visited in Graphic Node’s website. Graphic Node do not share this information with third parties. Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be found here.