Pages Templates

Energize. Thrill. Stimulate. Reshape the look of your documents.

The premium-quality Pages Templates collection offers 1340 beautiful and functional templates for Apple’s Pages. The set includes various templates, from business cards and brochures to posters and invitations. The Pages Templates pack features an engrossing combination of a modern and professional print layout and the exciting air of imagination, adding a note of sophistication to your content. Available in the US and international paper sizes.

Pages Templates Pro

Created for Your Business.

Escape monotony. Throw in some surprises. A simple way to give your business the true gift of uniqueness. With Pages Templates Pro, you can even turn your envelopes and invoices into a key part of a successful advertising campaign.

Suite for Pages

The premium-quality and functional designs.

The premium-quality Pages Templates selection offers 566 beautiful and functional designs for Apple’s Pages. It includes an ecclectic mixture of template types, from business proposals and newsletters to posters and certificates. Pages Templates features a captivating combination of modern print layouts and a great deal of creative talent, adding a streak of sophistication to your content.

Sketches for Pages

Relive the best times with unique scrapbooks.

The Sketches for Pages collection offers 50 quirky and fun scrapbook templates for Apple's Pages—a great way to preserve and share your photos or give someone a gorgeous gift. The 50 templates provide a variety of ways to display your photos and show off your creativity with stylish and modern embellishments. Whether you've just taken up scrapbooking recently and would appreciate some help with balancing the layouts, or you're a seasoned aficionado looking for fresh ideas, Sketches for Pages is the tool for you.